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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you stock?

Yes - over 10,000 mats by size and color as well as over 400 rolls of both 6' and 12' inventory

How much mat area is needed to be effective?

Anything is better than nothing, but industry studies suggest a walk area of at least 3 normal steps, or about 10' - the best is 18'.

What's the difference between buying and renting a mat?

Money. You save 35% over a 2 year period by buying two mats, and rotating while one is being cleaned. Contact our customer service for details!

Are their quantity or volume discounts?


Can I save money by buying roll ends and roll balances?

Always - check out our Dealer Store for specials!

To save time, money and energy, do you ship direct to my customers?

Yes, and if you send us your shipping labels we'll stock them and use them as you order - we are your shipping department.

Does Pacific Mat cut rolls to lengths?

We'll cut, slice, dice or chop almost anything, and provide custom seaming and edging, as well.

Do you take MasterCard or Visa?

Yes, we accept both - the less paperwork the better! To pay online click here.

Do anti-fatigue mats really increase worker satisfaction and productivity?

Yes - a G.M. study reports an increase of over 23% in productivity. Ergonomic mats help save workers legs and feet from damage caused by standing on hard surfaces for extended periods of time.

Do you provide samples?

Yes - call, email or fax and our customer service department will gladly send samples. Click here for our contact information!

What areas do you cover?

Pacific Mat Company ships locally, regionally, or globally. No matter where you are, we've got you covered!