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Mats Inc. GREEN

Mats Inc. is committed to supporting environmentally friendly practices. From the small things like recycling our paper and packaging waste … to the big things like product design and development, the company is proactively managing their impact on the environment.

As a customer, you should know that many of the products Mats Inc. offers contribute to L.E.E.D credits. 

Our offering includes:

·  Entrance systems designed to protect indoor air quality
·  Fibered products backed with hard wearing recycled materials
·  Foot grilles made from 100% recycled content
·  Rubber products made from recycled tires
·  Vinyl rolls and tiles that can be recycled 100%
·  No-wax, low maintenance, long-lasting distinctive flooring

In particular Mats Inc. offers the following GREEN products (click each product for further information):

- Sports Flooring -

 MultiLino FM

 MultiLino ST

 MultiLino WD

- Foot Grilles -

- Modular Tile -

Connexus, Formerly Van Dijk: Dover Tile

to learn more about the sustainability at Mats Inc. click the image below!


If you are interested in purchasing this product please contact our customer service at 1.800.345.MATS(6287) for availabilty and pricing information at or email us!